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 About Hitsuki Club

We offer a healthy stay in natural settings of our 16-acre land where you can view the ridge that extends from the summit of Mt.Fuji (3775m) to the Pacific Ocean (0m). We accommodate only 6 pairs (or groups) of guests in our Mt.Fuji-view duplex apartments.

Made-to-order medical herbal tea, various wellness programs supervised by a medical doctor, etc. are provided to help refresh your body and mind, and furthermore your experience of nature. Hitsuki club is a new type of health resort in Japan.




Hitsuki club is one place under the concept of “Wellness Union”. This place has been developed at the foot of Mt.Fuji to solve the problem of “Nature deficit disorder”, one of the causes of unhealthfulness of people in current times.
The father of medicine, Hippocrates said “The more you are away from the nature, the more you close to the unwellness “, which is what is happening today in our society.
We hope we can contribute to the wellness of people.

Hitsuki club is located in Asagiri highland, inside the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. This area on the foot of Mt.Fji is rich in nature with panoramic views, and has a lot of cultural assets such as myths and history. We welcome people to stay and experience here. Also, joint programs with people and organizations who support our concept are also provided.

Hitsuki club provides opportunities to experiencing nature in an active way.
We are looking forward to your visit to Hitsuki club.

About Climatic Health Resort
The height of Asagiri highland is about 500 to 1400 meters, which has much area categorized as mid-mountain level (300 to 1000 meters). The mid-mountain area is hilly and has forests, has no taboos and considered to be suitable to various kinds of climate therapy. Hitsuki club is located at 700m, and it is the right place that can sense climate therapy bodily as Climatic Health Resort.


 8 things you will experience at Hitsuki club

You can enjoy various views of Mt.Fuji at different time and seasons. For example, the mountain changes its color to red at sunset. In winter, the mountain is totally covered by the snow. What is called “Diamond Fuji” is seen twice a year. You can see a lot of stars in the night sky year around.

View of Mt.Fuji
Mt.Fuji, registered as a world heritage site, is cultural and spiritual being for Japanese people. We also treasure Mt.Fuji for the natural gift it provides.

Fresh local food
Asagiri highland, where Hitsuki club is located, produces a large variety of fresh vegetables and dairy products, including some local specialties such as tea, wasabi and pink trout. The highland is one of the biggest dairy farming area in Japan.

Mt.Fuji and its surrounding area have many myths and legendary stories. On our outside stage, traditional performances based on myth and folklore stories are occasionally held to pass them down to the generation today.

Japanese traditional medicine
We will offer advice on health from an integrative medicine viewpoint, which matches the health condition of each person and seasons.

Wisdom of ancestors
Our main building is renovated from 200-year-old traditional Japanese house. We learn from tradition and ancient wisdoms and pass them down to the future generations.

Village in harmony with nature
The people in villages live in harmony with nature, and enjoys the gifts from nature. There are those villages around Hitsuki club.

Bond with people
We treasure the bond with people in the community and companies who support us. Also, we are looking forward to have one with guests.


 What is “Nature-deficit disorder”

Nature-deficit disorder / Nature-deficit syndrome and the prescription

"Nature-deficit disorder” is the coined word that Richard Louv, the author of “Last Child in the Woods” (translated by Akiko Kasugai, Hayakawa Publishing) published in 2005, proposed in his book.

As for the human five senses, it evolved among the complicated sound of nature, the fragrance with sense of the seasons and the rhythm of the night and day for a long time.

We think that the modern city life continue giving big load and sense of incongruity in the gene which has been brought up in such natural environments for many years. It is thought that it has a big influence on at least feelings, nervous system and the Physiology.

In the book “Spontaneous Happiness (translated by Keiichi Ueno, Kadokawa Publishing) “of Dr. Andrew Weil who is my teacher of the Associate Fellowship program in Integrated Medicine provided by Arizona University, it has pointed out.


In the United States, the importance of this “Nature-deficit disorder” comes to be pointed out, and it is thought that the problem will come to the front in Japan in the near future.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates left the word "to get closer to an unwellness so as to go away from nature", and now it is being proved in the modern society.


By the way, for this Nature-deficit disorder or sometimes Nature-deficit syndrome, what kind of measures are good? Is it the chemicals made in a factory? Natural environments include the answer, and we think that the answer is to put the body in the place and to sense it bodily.
We think the stay in The SUN and MOON club to be equivalent to the prescription. For the mental and physical reset of healthy people, correspondence for not-disease-yet and Nature-deficit disorder, we think that The SUN and MOON club can assist you.




  Are you Nature-deficit disorder?

◆Check list
(1) I am conscious of the sunrise and sunset
(2) I live in the house of the natural material
(3) I feel hush and sounds of nature
(4) I am in the environment that is easy to realize a fragrance of nature
(5) I wear clothes of the natural material
(6) I walk on my feet mostly
(7) There are not the long-term driving or train movement for commuting
(8) I take in natural foods and do not take in the chemicals
(9) I use drinks such as natural water or the organic farming
(10) I rarely contact with an electric blanket, a microwave oven, an electromagnetic cooker, a cell-phone nor a PC
(11) I usually do forest bathing, sea bathing, sunbathing
(12) During one day, I may walk over soil, a sandy beach or turf



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