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It is the introductions of the optional programs that you can experience in The SUN and MOON club.




 Optional programs

   ◇Limited for hotel guests

Program Per person expense (tax-excluded)
Aroma Massage (60min) 10,000 yen
Aroma Massage (90min) 14,000 yen
Rental barbecue grill (3 hours) 2,000 yen
Barbecue grill set + meat and vegetable set Please enquire
Rental hammock 4 hours 1,000 yen
Rental Hammock all day 2,000 yen
※Please make your reservation one week in advance.

   ◇Field blowgun dart Program for visitors

Program Per person expense (tax-excluded)
One round of field blowgun dart course half day (AM) + lunch 4,000 yen
One round of field blowgun dart course half day (PM) + cafe 3,500 yen
※Please make your reservation one week in advance. ※Minimum operating two persons
※Field blowgun dart set rental (half day) 500 yen
※Estimated time 10:00 AM round, 12:00 Lunch, 13:30 PM round, 15:30 cafe
※Time required approximately 90 minutes for 10 halls ※It will be canceled by rain




Acupressure Aroma Massage

Acupressure Aroma Massage is oil massage to a way of "mind" and "the blood" around the whole body called Tsubo(a key point) and Keiraku(the circulatory system) performed with blended essential oil in accord with physical condition and constitution.
Being fragrant of every drop of the essential oil which adopt traditional medical thought in China to aromatherapy and condense the life of the plant heals our mind and body together and gives us power.
Thanking for the blessing, we hope that you can enjoy Chinese medicine aroma bodily with the five senses in the natural rich environment of mount Fuji.

Field blowgun dart

In The SUN and MOON club close to the Lake Tanuki in Asagiri Kogen, sweeping view of the Mount Fuji, we offer the combination plan of the field blowgun dart utilized the site of approximately 16 acres and the meal.
While taking a walk through the woods, a field blowgun dart round (time required 90 minutes for 10 halls) in the forest and a grassy plain, and the lunch using local ingredients.
Please enjoy the field blowgun dart as the breathing method with the fresh air in the climatic health resort of 700m mid-mountain level.


A hammock rental is available. Reading, meditation, a nap... Please enjoy the luxurious time while feeling the birdsong and breath of the trees and plants.

Made-to-order medical herbal tea

Including Made-to-order medical herbal tea, we offer wild grass tea, fresh herb tea, coffee and tea in the cafe "The SUN and MOON”.




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